Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega 750ml


Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega 750ml is a sparkling red wine with an irresistible aroma of wild strawberries. This sweet, fruity delight is ideal for celebrations and special occasions. Enjoy its vibrant bubbles and refreshing taste, perfect for any festivity.


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Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega 750ml
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Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega 750ml is a sparkling red wine that captures the essence of celebration with its sweet, fruity flavour and enticing aroma. Known for its vibrant bubbles and irresistible taste, Fragolino Rosso Party is the perfect choice for any festive occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party or looking for the perfect gift, this wine promises to add a touch of joy to any event.

Tasting Notes

Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega dazzles with its deep red hue and lively bubbles. On the nose, it offers an enchanting bouquet of wild strawberries, with hints of raspberries and blackberries. The palate is sweet and refreshing, perfectly balanced with a subtle acidity that enhances its fruity notes. The finish is smooth and lingering, leaving a delightful aftertaste that tempts you for another sip.


Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega has garnered praise from wine enthusiasts and critics alike. While specific awards and honours for this particular wine may be limited, Bottega’s commitment to quality and excellence is well-recognised in the wine industry. The winery has received numerous accolades for its innovative approach and exceptional wines, further cementing its reputation as a producer of high-quality beverages.

Product History

Bottega, the renowned Italian winery, brings a touch of tradition and innovation to every bottle. Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega is inspired by the ancient tradition of mixing wine with wild strawberries, a practice that dates back centuries. This modern interpretation preserves the sweet and fruity character of the original recipe while adding the elegance and sophistication of sparkling wine.

Pairing Suggestions

This versatile wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes. It complements desserts like strawberry shortcake, fruit tarts, and chocolate fondue beautifully. For a delightful contrast, try it with savoury appetisers like prosciutto-wrapped melon or creamy cheeses.

Serving Tips

To fully appreciate the flavours and aromas of Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega, serve it chilled at around 6-8°C. This temperature brings out its refreshing character and enhances the overall tasting experience.


Fragolino Rosso Party Bottega 750ml is more than just a sparkling wine; it’s a celebration in a bottle. Its sweet, fruity taste and vibrant bubbles make it an ideal choice for any festive occasion. Order your bottle today from Oaks & Corks, and enjoy swift delivery within Nairobi, ensuring your celebrations never miss a beat.

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  • 750ml Bottle @ KES 2,449

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