Jagermeister Manifest 1L

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The Jagermeister Manifest is a bold yet balanced German masterpiece uniquely curated by blending 56 botanicals. This blend has a robust dark copper colour opening up with sweet caramel and cinnamon notes on the nose. This is a full-bodied liqueur has a vigorous blend of flavors showing hints of gingerbread, honey and warming baking spices, finishing with long hints of dried fruit and vanilla. Sips deliciously over a chunk of ice, ready to mix in cocktails too.

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About The Jägermeister Manifest

The long-established German Jägermeister liqueur has been reinvented in this new premium form. Jägermeister Manifest is established on the traditional recipe of the famous herbal liqueur, which the house’s master distillers have continued to develop. More than 56 herbs are used in curating the Manifest. Their flavours are drawn out using an intricate distillation process. After this, the liqueur is aged for more than a year in both small and large oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

BASE SPIRIT: Curated from the spirit of fine German wheat. Same 56 herbs, spices and roots and the original Jägermeister Herbal Liqueur

CURATION: The blend is aged in small German, American and French Oak Barrels for 18-24 months. The process allows the blends to produce new flavors. Production process includes 5 macerates.

TASTE PROFILE: The base is specifically part of the Jagermeister family. The palate includes aromatic bitters, spice, finalizing with a hint of vanilla and subtle oak flavours.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Perfect over ice as a sipping shot, or alternatively served with crisp lemon juice and soda water as a Manifest Highball.


Additional notes

Alcohol Content


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Flavours & Spices

Anise, Cinnamon, Dried fruit, Herbs, Honey, Vanilla, Wood

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