Louis XIII 700ml


The perfect gift for a special someone. The LOUIS XIII Cognac Classic decanter has remained the ultimate expression of our finest eaux-de-vie blend since 1874.

700ml - Boxed

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Louis VIII Cognac 700ml
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Louis XIII de Rémy Martin. Cognac Grande Champagne

Louis XIII cognac embodies and encompasses every notion of emotion from passion to patience.

For over 100 years, a multitude of talent has dedicated incalculable time in the search of perfection. The vineyard owners of Grande Champagne dedicate their lives to the art of making cognac. The distillers feel they have achieved perfection only when their eaux-de-vie are selected for Louis XIII.

Louis XIII defies understanding.

Radiant and rare, it rises above a mundanely, ordinary, everyday life. Whilst most count their lives in years, Louis XIII counts in centuries.

With its grace, refinement and taste, the mastery of Louis XIII throughout the ages has always been a tireless pursuit of excellence. Louis XIII is acclaimed as being the taste reference for cognac. Richly woven with history and steeped in family tradition, Louis XIII is an enigma to all aesthetes and a symphone of exceptional charm and amazement. It is truly a gift of nature and offers the ultimate precious moment in life.


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  • 700ml Boxed @ KES 421,999

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