Perdeberg Soft Smooth White Wine 2018 75cl

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The Perdeberg Soft Smooth Wine is a deliciously rich and fruity natural sweet white. This light blend has a plentiful array of ripe fruit aromas. The palate is delightfully smooth with refreshing flavours of peach, white pear, guava and a muscat after taste. Curated with a unique wine style you will get to enjoy an exemplary euphony of flavours bridging the gap between semi-sweet and dry wine. Whether you prefer seafood, chicken or a light salad, this wine pairs perfectly with all of them.

750ml - Bottle

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“What a great find! I think this punches way above its weight. Juicy and not too much tannins. I will buy this again.” - Mark Jarvis, Vivino
Perdeberg Soft Smooth White Wine 2018 75cl

Perdeberg Cellar

Located in fertile Agter Paarl area, between Malmesbury and Durbanville, the Perdeberg district is blessed with many attributes that make producing wonderful and varied wine a pleasure. Nature’s greatest gift to us is our five different microclimates. The weather varies from vineyard to vineyard as does soil, drainage and altitude. This makes it possible for Perdeberg Wines to produce a multitude of wines with distinct qualities, all within the same area.


Residual Sugar (RS): 14.5g/1

Total Acidity (TA): 5.4g/1

Potential of Hydrogen (PH): 3.37


2019 Veritas Awards: Silver

Perdeberg Soft Smooth White Wine 2018 75cl

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