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Shustoff Brandy
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Shustoff Brandy

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Shustoff Brandy is an amber-appearing brandy with fresh aromas of grape seeds and vanilla. It is soft on the palate, with an elegant aftertaste of chocolate.

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Shustoff Brandy is an amber-appearing brandy with honey and tinge flawless transparency. It has fresh aromas of grape seeds and vanilla. It is soft on the palate, with an elegant aftertaste of chocolate-y dominance. The brandy is perfectly balanced, created by distillation of selected wines and ageing of obtained spirits in oak barrel for at least one year. Older spirits were then added for better aroma and taste.


Shustoff Brandy is one of the few in the world to have its own museum – The Shustoff Winery Museum located in Odessa, southern Ukraine. Here excursions are held in thousands every year for consumers and fans who wish to take a tour down the brand’s rich history and sample the high-quality brandies.

The Odessa Cognac Factory in which the Shustoff Brandy is produced dates to as far back in 1836, and was recently acquired by the largest Eastern European holding, Global Spirits in 2007, and became the industry leader.
Until 1956, Odessa Cognac Factory was the only cognac producer in Ukraine. They are fully equipped with classic French distilleries and modern European equipment, providing a complete production cycle of cognac, with a 150 year old technology.

In 2017, the factory was also equipped with the largest akratophor in Ukraine. An akratophor is a special device used for sparkling wine production in tanks.

Today, the Odessa Cognac Factory is the largest distillery in Europe, producing over 30 million liters of wine per day. They distill up to 5 thousand liters of absolute alcohol daily, and have more than 15 thousand barrels, with 15% being aged alcohol of under 50 years.

Shustoff Brandy serving suggestion

Shustoff Brandy is recommended both as digestive and as basis for excellent cocktail with ice.

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