Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonnay 2017 75cl

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Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonnay displays a brilliant golden color with a light green reflection. The rich aroma of the wine reveals notes of apple, pie and toast that harmoniously blends with hints of caramel and oak. An elegant round wine with an excellent level of acidity. The palate exhibits flavors of pear, crème brulee, lemon pie and brioche. A great structure with velvety tannins and a long finish with oak nuances.

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"Very refreshing and surprisingly tasty Chardonnay from Argentinian giant house Trapiche!"- Andreas Norfelt, Vivino

About the Oak Cask Chardonnay

Wine “Oak Cask” Chardonnay is made ​​from grapes of Chardonnay, which is well caught on the high-desert areas of the Andes in the province of Mendoza. Throughout the season, collecting crop harvested at different times. Thus, some berries going early enough to keep clean and fresh acidity characteristics. The rest of the Chardonnay is collected at the end of the season, when the berries have gained absolute maturity and are ready to give the wine taste richness and wealth. After cooling, the juice undergoes fermentation in small containers. Then the wine is aged in small French oak barrels to enhance the complexity and unique taste.

Pairs perfectly with

This wine matches perfectly with seafood, white sauces, pasta, fruit and fresh cheese.


Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonnay 2017 75cl



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