Vermouth Bianco Bottega 750ml


Vermouth Bianco Bottega 750ml is an exquisite Italian aperitif crafted from a blend of white wine, botanicals, and aromatic herbs. It boasts floral and fruity notes, perfect for cocktails or enjoying straight. Order now from Oaks & Corks for fast, reliable delivery in Nairobi.

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Vermouth Bianco Bottega 750ml
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Vermouth Bianco Bottega is a premium Italian aperitif that embodies the rich heritage and sophisticated craftsmanship of the Bottega family. This 750ml bottle of Vermouth Bianco offers a delightful blend of white wine and a selection of aromatic herbs and botanicals, making it an essential addition to any cocktail enthusiast’s collection.

Product Details

Crafted in the heart of Italy, Vermouth Bianco Bottega is made from high-quality white wine infused with an array of botanicals, including elderflower, chamomile, and bitter orange. The meticulous production process ensures a harmonious balance of flavours, resulting in a vermouth that is both versatile and uniquely expressive.

Tasting Notes

Vermouth Bianco Bottega captivates the palate with its elegant and aromatic profile:

  • Appearance: A clear, pale golden hue.
  • Nose: An inviting bouquet of floral and fruity aromas, with hints of elderflower and chamomile.
  • Palate: Smooth and well-rounded, with notes of bitter orange, citrus, and a subtle sweetness.
  • Finish: A pleasantly lingering finish with a delicate bitterness that is perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of the botanicals.


Vermouth Bianco Bottega has garnered praise from critics and enthusiasts alike for its superior quality and distinctive flavour profile. It has been highlighted in various wine and spirit competitions, earning accolades for its craftsmanship and taste. While specific awards may not be readily available, the reputation of the Bottega family in the world of fine wines and spirits speaks volumes about the excellence of this vermouth.

Product History

The Bottega family has a long-standing tradition of producing exceptional wines and spirits. Founded in 1977 by Aldo Bottega, the company has grown into a renowned brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Vermouth Bianco Bottega is a testament to the family’s dedication to preserving the art of Italian winemaking while embracing modern techniques to enhance their products.

Little-Known Facts

  • Vermouth Bianco Bottega can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from classic cocktails like the Martini and Negroni to being served over ice with a twist of citrus.
  • The Bottega family’s winery is located in the Veneto region, an area famous for its picturesque vineyards and rich winemaking history.

Conclusion Experience the luxurious taste of Vermouth Bianco Bottega 750ml, a true masterpiece from the heart of Italy. Perfect for both casual sipping and sophisticated cocktails, this vermouth is sure to elevate any occasion. Order now from Oaks & Corks for fast, reliable delivery anywhere in Nairobi.

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  • 750ml Bottle @ KES 4,349

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