Whole Bunch Syrah 2020 750ml


Indulge in Gabrielskloof Whole Bunch Syrah 750ml – a South African treasure, expertly crafted from carefully selected Syrah grapes, offering a complex, full-bodied experience.


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Whole Bunch Syrah
Whole Bunch Syrah 2020 750ml 1,999/-

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Gabrielskloof Whole Bunch Syrah: A Symphony of Flavours

Embark on a flavourful journey with Gabrielskloof Whole Bunch Syrah 750ml, a South African masterpiece available exclusively through Oaks & Corks.

The Crafting of Elegance: Gabrielskloof Whole Bunch Syrah

Nestled in the verdant landscapes of South Africa, Gabrielskloof cultivates the Syrah grape with utmost precision, creating wines that resonate with both the terroir and the passion infused in every bottle. The Whole Bunch Syrah is a celebration of traditional winemaking practices, where whole bunches of grapes are meticulously chosen, fermented with native yeasts, and aged to perfection, culminating in a wine that is both authentically and splendidly South African.

The Whole Bunch Syrah whispers the stories of the vineyards from which it was birthed, promising not merely a wine, but a narrative of the soils, climates, and hands that have collectively orchestrated this symphonic blend.

Unleash a World of Flavour with Oaks & Corks

Your journey into the opulent world of Gabrielskloof is merely a click away with Oaks & Corks. Discover our assorted wine portfolio and let the rich, full-bodied embrace of the Whole Bunch Syrah sweep you into a world where every sip is a melody, and every bottle, a story.

Whole Bunch Syrah 2020 Price in Kenya

  • 750ml @ KES 1,999

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Whole Bunch Syrah 2020 750ml Whole Bunch Syrah 2020 750ml
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