Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT 750ml


The name Ventiterre means “20 lands”. The drink pays tribute to Italy’s 20 unique regions as well as the country’s extensive variety of soils (terra in Italian).


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Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT 750ml
Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT 750ml 2,599/-

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Experience the allure of Italy with Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT. This 750ml bottle encapsulates the essence of Veneto’s finest vineyards. Its light, sparkling texture and sweet, fruity notes make it a delightful choice for any celebration. With a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, it’s an ideal companion for desserts or as a refreshing aperitif. Relish the authentic taste of Italian Moscato, crafted with care and expertise.

The Essence of Veneto Veneto, a region famed for its diverse wine production, is the birthplace of the Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato. This wine reflects the area’s unique terroir, characterized by its favorable climate and fertile soils. The Zonin family, with a winemaking legacy spanning seven generations, has expertly crafted this Moscato to capture the quintessence of Veneto’s vineyards.

Tasting Notes On the palate, Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT is a symphony of flavors. It opens with a bouquet of aromatic peach and apricot, followed by subtle hints of sage and lemon. The taste is a harmonious blend of sweetness and acidity, creating a light, effervescent texture that dances on the tongue. Its finish is pleasantly smooth, leaving a lingering taste of ripe fruit.

Accolades While specific accolades for this vintage might be elusive, the Zonin brand is renowned for its quality and excellence in winemaking. Critics and wine enthusiasts alike have consistently praised Zonin wines for their balance, flavor, and authenticity.

A Story in Every Bottle Each bottle of Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato carries with it a story of tradition and innovation. The Zonin family’s dedication to sustainable viticulture and passion for winemaking is evident in every sip. This Moscato is not just a beverage; it’s a testament to the family’s commitment to quality and the enduring charm of Italian wines.

Perfect Pairings Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato is best served chilled, making it a perfect accompaniment to light desserts, fresh fruit, or as an aperitif. Its sweet profile also pairs wonderfully with spicy Asian cuisine, creating a delightful contrast of flavors.

Did You Know? The Zonin 20 Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT is more than just a wine; it’s an experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a quiet evening, this Moscato is sure to elevate the moment. Order your bottle today from Oaks & Corks and savor the taste of Italy.

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