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Bourbon Whiskey is a type an American whiskey that’s primarily distilled from corn.

There are distillers from all over Texas to New York producing Bourbon. Though in most cases, bourbon whiskey originates from Kentucky.

For a whiskey to pass as a Bourbon, it should meet some minimum requirements. The production should be in the United States. Its blend (mash) should be of at least 51% corn. Ageing should be in new, charred oak containers. The distillation should be to no more than 160 (U.S.) proof (80% alcohol by volume.)

Unlike most Whiskies, Bourbon has no minimum duration for its ageing period. To qualify as a “straight bourbon”, however, the spirits must meet the above requirements plus an ageing period of at least two years. No colouring, flavouring, or other spirits. A good example of a straight bourbon is Jim Beam.

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