Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab Flavour 750ml


A beautifully sweet and indulgent creamy treat with berry flavours at the heart, rounded with notes of soft vanilla and chocolate.


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Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab Flavour 750ml
Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab Flavour 750ml 2,649/-

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Discover Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab Flavour in a 750ml bottle. A unique fusion of rich chocolate, tangy raspberry, and the exotic baobab fruit, blended with the classic Amarula cream. This luxurious liqueur offers a smooth, velvety texture with a decadent taste, perfect for elevating any celebration. Savor the taste of Africa’s finest.

Exquisite Fusion of Flavors

Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab Flavour is a remarkable liqueur that combines the classic taste of Amarula with the indulgent flavors of raspberry, chocolate, and the exotic African baobab fruit. This 750ml bottle is a testament to the innovative spirit of Amarula, a brand renowned for its commitment to quality and exotic taste profiles.

Tasting Notes

On the palate, Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab offers a symphony of flavors. The initial taste is a rich, creamy texture synonymous with Amarula, followed by the sweet and tangy notes of raspberry. This is beautifully complemented by the deep, luxurious flavor of chocolate, creating a perfectly balanced taste. The inclusion of baobab adds a subtle tartness and a hint of exotic fruitiness, making this liqueur a truly unique experience.

Accolades and Recognition

While specific accolades for this flavor may not be widely published, Amarula as a brand has been recognized globally for its quality and innovation. Critics and connoisseurs have consistently praised Amarula for its smooth texture and rich flavors. If you’re looking for a liqueur that comes with a pedigree of excellence, Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab is an excellent choice.

A Rich Heritage

Amarula is more than just a liqueur; it’s a story of African heritage and craftsmanship. Originating from the wild Marula trees of Africa’s plains, the Marula fruit is hand-harvested by local communities. This sustainable practice not only ensures the highest quality of ingredients but also supports local economies.

Perfect Pairings and Occasions

Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab is versatile and can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or as part of a cocktail. It pairs exceptionally well with desserts, especially those featuring chocolate or fruit elements. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a quiet evening, this liqueur adds a touch of luxury.

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Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate & Baobab is more than just a liqueur; it’s an adventure in a bottle. Its rich, multi-layered flavours make it a versatile choice for various occasions, whether you’re relaxing at home or celebrating with friends. Experience this exquisite blend by ordering from Oaks & Corks and enjoy the convenience of delivery within 30 minutes in Nairobi.

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