Antidote London Dry Gin 70cl

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The Antidote London Dry Gin is an elegant, fine and complex drink. It is the perfect marriage of 17 different botanicals and spices. This authentic gin base is produced by wine grapes from the French vineyard terroir. On the nose are floral notes at first followed by juniper and a refreshing citrus touch. The attack on the palate is quite smooth ending up with a blend of spices and a floral finish. Best served on ice ir in cocktails.

700ml - Bottle

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An elegant, fine and complex nose, dominated by floral notes at first, followed by juniper and a refreshing citrus touch.

The Distillate recipe: 17 botanicals and spices

Juniper berries

Bitter orange peel


Anise seeds

Coriander seeds

Grains of paradise

Ginger roots

Orange distillate

Nutmeg distillate

Lemon distillate

Angelica roots distillate

Lavender distillate

Cardamom distillate

Orris roots distillate

Fennel better seeds distillate

Cinnamon bark distillate

Cubeb distillate

Additional notes

Alcohol Content





Cardamom, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cubeb, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Nutmeg, Orange, Orange peel

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