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Bulleit Mixed Vodka 250ml
Bullet Mixed Vodka 250ml 245/-

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Bullet Mixed Vodka 250ml is a vibrant blend, perfect for vodka enthusiasts seeking convenience and quality. This ready-to-drink mix combines premium vodka with subtle flavor infusions, offering a smooth and balanced taste. Ideal for sipping chilled or on the go, Bullet Mixed Vodka brings exceptional quality and satisfaction in every sip. Perfect for celebrations or a quiet night in.

Bullet Mixed Vodka 250ml is your go-to choice for a top-quality vodka experience, conveniently packaged and ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Crafted with precision, Bullet Mixed Vodka is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, providing a premium blend that’s both accessible and enjoyable.

Tasting Notes

Upon opening a bottle of Bullet Mixed Vodka, you’re greeted with a clean, crisp aroma indicative of its purity. The palate is smooth, with a balanced mixture of subtle herbal and citrus notes, leading to a refreshingly sharp finish. Its versatility makes it suitable for enjoying straight from the chilled bottle or as a base in your favorite cocktails.


While specific awards and critic reviews for Bullet Mixed Vodka 250ml are currently being gathered, the brand has been recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation in the vodka market. Bullet Mixed Vodka’s parent company has received multiple accolades for its excellence in distillation and flavor mastery, assuring that this product lives up to a prestigious family name.

Product Overview

Bullet Mixed Vodka comes in a compact 250ml container, making it the perfect companion for any occasion—whether it’s a picnic, a party, or a peaceful evening at home. This product stands out in the ready-to-drink market for its meticulous blend of high-quality vodka and carefully selected flavorings that ensure a smooth and delightful taste.

History and Production

Bullet Mixed Vodka is produced using only the finest ingredients and distilled multiple times to achieve its signature smoothness. The attention to detail in the distillation process reflects the brand’s dedication to delivering a superior drinking experience. This product is part of a long-standing tradition of spirit craftsmanship, where every batch is a testament to the distiller’s art.

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Bullet Mixed Vodka 250ml not only offers convenience and quality but also invites you to be part of a rich tradition of spirit enjoyment. Order now and experience the best of vodka innovation with fast, reliable delivery across Nairobi.

Bullet Mixed Vodka Price in Kenya

  • 250ml Can @ KES 245

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