Manyatta Original Cider 300ml


Manyatta Original Cider 300ml is a premium, refreshing alcoholic beverage crafted in Kenya. Made from the finest apples, it offers a crisp, clean taste with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Its sparkling nature and golden hue make it an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet refreshing drink. Enjoy chilled for the best experience.

300ml Bottle
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Manyatta Original Cider 300ml
Manyatta Original Cider 300ml 285/-

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Manyatta Original Cider is a testament to the rich heritage of cider-making in Kenya. This 300ml delight is not just a drink; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship and the bounty of nature. Crafted with precision and care, Manyatta Original Cider embodies the spirit of innovation while staying true to traditional cider-making techniques.

Tasting Notes

Upon pouring, Manyatta Original Cider reveals a beautiful golden hue, accompanied by a lively effervescence that promises refreshment. The nose is greeted with subtle aromas of fresh apples, with hints of floral and citrus notes, making it an olfactory delight. On the palate, it strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, with a clean, crisp finish that leaves you wanting more.


While Manyatta Original Cider is a relatively new entrant to the market, its commitment to quality and flavor has already begun to make waves. Its unique profile has garnered attention from connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, setting the stage for future recognition and awards.

Craftsmanship and Ingredients

At the heart of Manyatta Original Cider is the selection of the finest apples, sourced from the lush orchards of Kenya. These apples are carefully fermented to create a cider that is both rich in flavor and character. The result is a sparkling beverage that captures the essence of its ingredients, offering a crisp and refreshing taste that is both complex and inviting.

A Drink for All Occasions

Manyatta Original Cider is versatile, making it the perfect companion for a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a special moment, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or looking for the perfect drink to accompany your meal, Manyatta Original Cider adds a touch of elegance and refreshment to any setting.

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Manyatta Original Cider is more than just a cider; it’s a celebration of Kenyan craftsmanship, a tribute to the art of cider-making, and a beacon of quality in the world of alcoholic beverages. It’s refreshing taste, balanced flavor profile, and commitment to quality make it a must-try for anyone looking to explore the best of what Kenya has to offer in the world of ciders.

Manyatta Original Cider Price in Kenya

  • 300ml Bottle @ KES 285

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  1. When we talk of crafted drinks, the breweries didn’t get this wrong. I loved the apple cider and I could feel every bit drip down the throat as it left a feel of freshly picked apples

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