Strongbow Apple Cider 440ml


Strongbow Apple Cider 440ml offers a crisp and refreshing taste with a balanced sweetness. Made from carefully selected apples, it provides a smooth, thirst-quenching experience. Ideal for any occasion.


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Strongbow Apple Cider 440ml is a quintessential choice for cider enthusiasts. Known for its crisp and refreshing flavour, this cider is crafted from the finest apples, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Ideal for casual gatherings, relaxing evenings, or celebrations, Strongbow Apple Cider guarantees a delightful drinking experience.

Tasting Notes

Strongbow Apple Cider is renowned for its crisp, clear taste. On the nose, it offers a fresh apple aroma with subtle hints of fruitiness. The palate is greeted with a smooth, effervescent mouthfeel, featuring a well-balanced blend of sweetness and acidity. The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving a light, lingering apple taste.


Strongbow Apple Cider has received numerous accolades over the years, celebrating its superior quality and taste. It has been praised by cider connoisseurs and critics alike for its consistent flavour and refreshing qualities. Notably, Strongbow has been awarded at the International Brewing Awards and recognised in various taste tests, reaffirming its position as a leading cider brand.

Product History

Originating in Hereford, England, Strongbow has been a leading name in the cider industry since its inception in 1962. Named after the medieval knight Richard de Clare, nicknamed “Strongbow,” the brand symbolises strength and tradition. Over the years, Strongbow has perfected its cider-making process, becoming a global favourite for its consistent quality and refreshing taste.

Why Choose Strongbow Apple Cider?

Strongbow Apple Cider stands out for its dedication to quality and tradition. The apples used in its production are carefully selected to ensure the perfect balance of flavour. Its versatility makes it a perfect companion for various occasions, whether paired with meals or enjoyed on its own.

Perfect Pairings

Strongbow Apple Cider pairs wonderfully with a range of foods. Its crispness complements dishes like grilled chicken, salads, and cheese platters. It also works well with spicy dishes, where its refreshing nature helps balance the heat.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Strongbow Apple Cider 440ml directly from Oaks & Corks for convenient 24/7 delivery anywhere in Nairobi within 30 minutes. Explore our Ciders category for more options.


Strongbow Apple Cider 440ml offers a delightful, refreshing experience with every sip. Its rich history, coupled with its crisp and balanced taste, makes it a top choice for cider lovers. Order your bottle today from Oaks & Corks and enjoy the refreshing taste of Strongbow, anytime, anywhere.

Strongbow Apple Cider Price in Kenya

  • 440ml @ KES 290

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