Bavaria 8.6 Original 500ml

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Bavaria 8.6 Original is a distinctly fruity, lightly carbonated beer with a slightly creamy texture and is rich with the sweetness of grain.


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Bavaria 8.6 Original is a beer made from top-quality, all natural barley malt, wheat and hops. The brewing is done with pristine water from Bavaria’s own natural spring.

Tasting Notes

The Bavaria 8.6 Original is light and carbonated; slightly creamy in texture.
The unique fermentation process gives Bavaria 8.6 Original a distinctly fruity, flowery palate and a warm, spicy, full-of-character aroma, which is pleasant with plenty of fruit tones and anise mixed with the sweetness of grain.


This beer goes down great with Foie gras, dried sauges, spicy tapas with flavours such as garlic and coriander, blue cheese, and finally, smoked and cured ham.
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