Canmore 12 Year Old 700ml
Canmore 12 Year Old 700ml
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Canmore 12 Year Old 700ml

Price: 7,499/-

Some of the greatest tales in history are the ones that take time to unfold. We say the same about Canmore 12 Year Old Single Malt. It takes time to achieve superior flavour, so we waited for 12 years.

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“This is a very nice whisky. It’s not over-assertive – there is no peat, or heavy sherry influence, or over-heavy oak influences. There’s enough going on for it to hold its own in the company of malts such as Old Pulteney, An Cnoc, or Glen Grant.”

– Dominc Roskrow, Whisky Critic

Tasting Notes


A delightful blend of wood and chocolate with hints of sherry. Add a little bit of water to get the fragrance of apple and warming spice.


Warm and comforting with its earthy notes but gives away to a juicier fruity taste with a little water.


Medium to long.

Additional notes

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