Glenmorangie The Elementa 14 Years Old 1L


Glenmorangie The Elementa 14 Years Old is a 1L highland single malt Scotch, aged to perfection, offering layers of sweet spice and oak finesse.


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Glenmorangie The Elementa 14 Years Old 1L
Glenmorangie The Elementa 14 Years Old 1L 8,499/-

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Elegance Refined: Glenmorangie The Elementa 14 Years Old Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and exquisite maturity of Glenmorangie The Elementa 14 Years Old. This 1-litre bottle from the prestigious Highlands of Scotland encapsulates a journey of flavor, aged for 14 years to cultivate a whisky that speaks volumes of its heritage and craftsmanship.

A Legacy of Distinction: With a heritage spanning over a century and a half, Glenmorangie has established itself as a distiller of some of the world’s most cherished single malts. The Elementa 14 Years Old stands proudly within this lineage, a symbol of the distillery’s enduring commitment to excellence.

Sensory Journey: Embark on a tasting odyssey that will transport you to the very casks where The Elementa’s story begins. To explore our full collection of aged whiskies, visit our Aged Whisky Selection.

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: You’ll be greeted with a bouquet of ripe orchard fruits and caramel sweetness, intricately laced with a whisper of floral notes.
  • Palate: The palate offers a complexity of flavors, from honeyed richness and spicy oak woodiness to the zesty allure of citrus.
  • Finish: A gracefully enduring finish that leaves a lingering taste of vanilla and almond, with a hint of smokiness.

Unveiling the Craft: The Elementa is more than just a whisky; it’s a narrative of the land and the hands that have shaped it. This 14-year-old variant is aged in the finest oak casks, previously housing American bourbon, to impart a smoothness and character unique to Glenmorangie.

The name ‘Elementa’ draws inspiration from the elemental forces that Glenmorangie embraces in its whisky-making process, from the mineral-rich waters of the Tarlogie Springs to the Scottish winds that whisper through the distillery’s storied warehouses.

Your Premier Choice: When you choose Oaks & Corks, you’re not just purchasing a bottle of whisky; you’re inviting into your home a fragment of Scottish history and craftsmanship. We ensure your selection, such as the magnificent Glenmorangie The Elementa 14 Years Old, is delivered with the care it deserves – swiftly and elegantly to your doorstep in Nairobi.

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  • 1 Litre @ KES 8,499

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