Caol Ila Moch 70cl
Caol Ila Moch 70cl
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Caol Ila Moch 70cl

Price: 6,069/-

Soft, smooth, clean and fresh, Caol Ila Moch (in Gaelic, ‘dawn’) evokes the dawn of a new day, slowly prising Caol Ila from its slumbers and picking out the shoreline of its little wooded bay.

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Each expression of Caol Ila (say ‘Cull Ee-la’) reflects a special quality of the light at this remote distillery. Together they picture a day in its secret cove on the Sound of Islay, where a distiller has stood for more than a hundred and sixty years. Soft as the light of a new dawn, Caol Ila Moch (in Gaelic, ‘dawn’) opens on the palate to reveal all the life and fresh-faced new hope of a spring day, clearly reflecting a character of Caol Ila first seen in 1846. Here are scrubbed-clean aromas and smoky-dry notes of peat followed through on the palate by a sweet, then salty, clarity and simplicity in what is a smooth, fresh expression of the classic “bonfire on the beach” taste of Caol Ila.

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